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BMW Oil Leaks

One of our most common tasks at Melbourne Prestige is helping customers with BMW cars when they have water or oil leaks. We love BMW's at Melbourne Prestige and often employ mechanics trained by BMW, but it is true that after they have done 80,000km or are 7-10 years old, the plastics used in the and around the engine start to harden or dry out and then they start to leak.
Valve cover gaskets also dry out or shrink over time and rocker cover leaks are really common with BMW cars.

Luckily, if you bring your car to Melbourne Prestige Auto Repair, you will not be charged the deposit on a small house to repair it. The large dealerships have massive overheads in their buildings and staff numbers and they have to charge higher rates. We usually charge HALF the prices that the dealers charge and we believe that we often do a better job. In our workshop, your car is not simply a number or a one of 100 cars that day. We know all of our customers personally and we want you to drive away in a safe and reliable car.

Some dealers train their staff to service a car every 17 minutes. You can imagine the things they miss when you are under that time pressure.

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