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Car companies are trying to put independent workshops out of business

We all know that cars produced today are equipped with amazing technology with some cars featuring as many as 4 independent computers to operate all the different systems.

But did you know that many manufacturers purposely withhold technical specifications and fault diagnosis codes to force customers to only use new car dealers for vehicle servicing.

If car owners are forced to only take their cars to specific dealers, then they can charge whatever prices they like. This is obviously anti-competitive.

In the US, it is mandatory that ALL manufacturers make all their service documents and technology available all workshops in the country thereby promoting open competition.

But despite 68 Australian car manufacturers and importers signing up to an Industry Heads of Agreement on vehicle data sharing, only one manufacturer is fully compliant today.

In February of this year, the AAAA, an industry group representing many independent workshop owners took this issue to Canberra seeking a cross party agreement that would see all manufacturers sharing essential vehicle diagnostic and repair information.

As concerned members of the public and independent workshop owners, we encourage you to contact your local member on this issue and continue to support independent workshops.

This article has been reproduced from a Blog written by Andrew Holdsworth, reference

Note that the above photograph of a number of car makers buildings is for illustrative purposes only. You will need to contact your vehicle make to find out if they are sharing their data with independent workshops such as Melbourne Prestige Automobile Repairs.

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