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Category Archives: Safe Motoring

Airbag Recalls

You may have heard about the dangerous airbags that were fitted to many cars from 1999 to 2017. In total, 4 million cars in Australia are affected. In fact, one hundred million defective airbags have been installed in cars around the world. Choice magazine said "These airbags use ammonium nitrate to inflate, but the chemical…
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Regular Servicing Saves You Money

Regular servicing ensures reliable motoring Regular services or log book servicing actually saves you money. Not only do we change your engine oil and oil filter, but it gives our professional mechanics a chance to put your car on the hoist and give it the once over. We can identify potential problems before they become…
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The Right Tools For The Job

Melbourne Prestige Has The Right Tools For The Job Some car owners take their cars to a 'back-yarder'. That is a person that works on customer cars from home and often after hours. Hey, we do not mind anyone trying to earn a living. But do they have the right tools to do the job…
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Was Your Engine Built on Monday?

Why do some cars seem to always break down? There is a theory that cars built in a new car factory on either Monday or Friday will not be as good as cars built on Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday. This is due to the fact that workers are more likely to take a sickie on…
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