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Car companies are trying to put independent workshops out of business

We all know that cars produced today are equipped with amazing technology with some cars featuring as many as 4 independent computers to operate all the different systems. But did you know that many manufacturers purposely withhold technical specifications and fault diagnosis codes to force customers to only use new car dealers for vehicle servicing.…
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Regular Servicing Saves You Money

Regular servicing ensures reliable motoring Regular services or log book servicing actually saves you money. Not only do we change your engine oil and oil filter, but it gives our professional mechanics a chance to put your car on the hoist and give it the once over. We can identify potential problems before they become…
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Cost Effective Major Repairs

Sometimes major repairs are required No matter how hard we look after our cars, things can still go wrong. Some cars have a known weakness such as cracking cylinder heads, or problems with bearings. Other times, through no fault of your own, you find you have bought a lemon and EVERYTHING seems to go wrong.…
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Engine & Gearbox Repairs

Melbourne Prestige is staffed by qualified professionals that will get your car back on the road fast. If your car is having engine or transmission problems, the first thing we need to do is diagnose the problems. Once we have established the problems we can discuss your options and provide quotations. Melbourne Prestige can perform…
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