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Counterfeit Auto Parts

Beware of Cheap Counterfeit Auto Parts

They say that 50% of a car companies profits come from the sale of spare parts and that they make very little money on the sale of the actual car. This sounds like the truth as we have seen some ridiculous prices on genuine spare parts.

However, these high prices have caused some less scrupulous car parts manufacturers to produce counterfeit parts in replica OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) packaging.

To be fair to the original manufacturers like Toyota, Honda, Mazda etc. they have put millions of hours of research into the building of their cars to ensure that the cars work as efficiently as possible. To have someone try to duplicate that part and then claim it is the genuine Toyota or Mazda part is wrong.

Melbourne Prestige only purchases our spare parts from the original car makers spare parts network or we buy a part made by a different but reputable manufacturer.

Ask about spare parts for your car on your next visit. Karl or Mark will be pleased to discuss this issue and help you to choose the right parts for your car.


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