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Regular Servicing Saves You Money

Regular servicing ensures reliable motoring

Regular services or log book servicing actually saves you money. Not only do we change your engine oil and oil filter, but it gives our professional mechanics a chance to put your car on the hoist and give it the once over.

We can identify potential problems before they become BIG problems.

Regular servicing means SAFER driving. In an emergency, you need to know that your brakes are in great condition and that your tyres will give you maximum grip.

We check for excessive wear to brake pads and brake discs and ensure your brake hydraulic system is in good order.

We can make sure all you lights are working and that your exhaust system hasn't developed a leak.

During all services, we carefully check your water hoses and cooling system. A leak or damaged hose can end up with an overheated and badly damaged engine, and that can be an expensive fix.

We also check all your suspension components. Worn suspension bushes or shock absorbers can cause your car to pull to the left or right under heavy breaking. Old shock absorbers can cause excessive bouncing over bumps or in corners that can cause accidents.

Regular maintenance is particularly important on high end vehicles such as Mercedes, BMW, Audi, Porsche, Jaguar, Alfa Romeo, Lexus, Bentley, etc. as their specialist systems and technology make can make them more prone to faults and we all know how expensive these models can be to maintain and repair.

A regularly maintained and log-booked vehicle will also have a better chance of retaining its value or minimising depreciation.

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