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Oil Changes

Your engine oil is the life blood of the engine. Melbourne Prestige Oil Change

It keeps the important parts cool and creates a thin layer across all of the parts in your engine so that they never or rarely touch each other. This thin layer of oil is vital to prevent engine wear.

Melbourne Prestige carries a huge range of oils to ensure they have the right mineral, synthetic or multi-grade oils to suit all popular cars.

Please also note that it is far cheaper to change your engine oil then to change your engine!

This article from clearly explains the issues.

Cars are extremely complex items often operating in difficult temperatures or conditions, so they require ongoing care. That's even more important as engineering tolerances tighten and car makers inject new technology to improve efficiency.

Without regular oil changes (oil loses its lubricating properties over time), an engine may seize or degenerate prematurely, preventing a car from fulfilling its basic role as transport. It's particularly important for some of the new turbocharged engines.

Consumable items such as tyres and brakes are designed to deteriorate with use, and can be dangerous without proper attention.

With most car makers stretching services intervals - to as much as 15,000km, which is triple the accepted norm a couple of decades ago - there's also more pressure to ensure you get the car looked at when it's required rather than pushing it a little further.

The benefits to regular servicing far outweigh the downsides, which mostly boil down to cost and convenience.

A well-maintained car should last longer, run smoother and be safer.

It also should be worth more than other examples when sold, as many second-hand buyers have a look at service records before signing off on a purchase. Another key element surrounds vehicle warranties, which are extremely valuable to consumers. New vehicle warranties are essentially an agreement that a manufacturer will ensure that a car remains operational for a set distance or period, as long as customers live up to their end of the bargain by having the car properly maintained.

You can read more about the importance of oil changes on the website here


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