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Tyres are obviously very important as they are the four things that keep your car on the road. Tyres live a pretty terrible life. They have to support up to 2 tonnes and then get driven over all sorts of rough roads, stones and even screws and nails at speeds as high as 150kph. They even get smashed into kerbs (yes, we have all done it). It is amazing that they last as long as they do.
However, they are tucked under the cars fenders or guards and unless we get on our hands and knees they can be easily forgotten.
Tyres should be regular inspected for premature wear (a sign of poor wheel alignment or suspension wear) or bumps or tears in the side wall.
We should never scrimp on tyres. We shouldn’t say to a tyre dealer “the cheapest tyres you have please” when they play such an important role in keeping you and your family and friends safe.

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