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The Three M’s

We get an amazing variety of cars in our workshops with everything from a Rolls Royce to   regular family sedans. We don't mind. We treat every customers car like a Rolls Royce.

But last week we had the three M's.

A Maserati and Mercedes at Melbourne Maserati Quattroporte Sport GTPrestige.

Last week we had two smart looking European Sports Sedans

A 2007 Maserati Quattroporte (means 4-door) Sport GT in gleaming white and a Black on Black late model Mercedes C63.

The Maserati gets along very nicely with it's 4.2L V8 putting out 295kw. And the level of luxury inside is superb.

But if you want astonishing acceleration, then the AMG C63 is the weapon of choice with it's hand built 6.3L V8. It produces 336kW of power at 6800 rpm and 600Nm of AMG C63 Mercedestorque at 5000rpm. From 2000-6250 rpm it's producing more than 500Nm and it does 0-100kph in 4.5 seconds!



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