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The Right Tools For The Job

Melbourne Prestige Has The Right Tools For The Job

Some car owners take their cars to a 'back-yarder'. That is a person that works on customer cars from home and often after hours.

Hey, we do not mind anyone trying to earn a living. But do they have the right tools to do the job properly?

These days cars are far more complex than they used to be.  This especially applies to prestige cars such as Mercedes, BMW, Audi, Jaguar, Lexus, Porsche, Alfa Romeo etc.

Melbourne Prestige has invested in the very latest specialist tuning equipment and training to be able to plug into your cars computer and read its records, check fault codes and ensure the car is running perfectly. Our mechanics have been trained in diagnosing fault codes and we know the best way to get your prestige car back on the road without wasting money.

By investing in specialist tools to work on the various complex systems that make up a modern passenger or commercial vehicle, Melbourne Prestige can offer the same technical repairs and maintenance as a major car dealer without the usual top shelf prices.

Melbourne Prestige will do everything we can to save you money but without compromising the correct running of your vehicle.



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