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We recently had a Black 2003 Maserati V8 Coupe in the workshop. It had a few minor problems, but we soon diagnosed the main issue was a worn out clutch. These cars are beautifully made and the transmission is built into the rear diff assembly. This is called a transaxle and helps the handling of…
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The Three M’s

We get an amazing variety of cars in our workshops with everything from a Rolls Royce to   regular family sedans. We don't mind. We treat every customers car like a Rolls Royce. But last week we had the three M's. A Maserati and Mercedes at Melbourne Prestige. Last week we had two smart looking European…
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Car companies are trying to put independent workshops out of business

We all know that cars produced today are equipped with amazing technology with some cars featuring as many as 4 independent computers to operate all the different systems. But did you know that many manufacturers purposely withhold technical specifications and fault diagnosis codes to force customers to only use new car dealers for vehicle servicing.…
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Counterfeit Auto Parts

Beware of Cheap Counterfeit Auto Parts They say that 50% of a car companies profits come from the sale of spare parts and that they make very little money on the sale of the actual car. This sounds like the truth as we have seen some ridiculous prices on genuine spare parts. However, these high…
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