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We recently had a Black 2003 Maserati V8 Coupe in the workshop. It had a few minor 2003 Maserati Gearboxproblems, but we soon diagnosed the main issue was a worn out clutch. These cars are beautifully made and the transmission is built into the rear diff assembly. This is called a transaxle and helps the handling of the car by spreading the weight of the engine, gearbox and diff across all 4 wheels rather than than having the weight of the engine and gearbox over the front wheels like most cars.
The clutch is on the back of the engine, but to get to the clutch, you either have to take the engine out or remove the transaxle. It wasn't as hard as it looks and we soon had it apart. We are now just waiting on the replacement clutch so we can get our happy customer back on the road.
In the picture below, we can see senior mechanic Michael getting everything ready to reassemble the transaxle assembly.

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